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About Us

Plexeon: Delivering Superior IT Solutions and Services for Over Two Decades

About Us

Plexeon: Delivering Superior IT Solutions and Services for Over Two Decades.

For over 20 years, Plexeon has provided strategic, end-to-end Managed IT Solutions for clients in a multitude of Industries and of various sizes. We pride ourselves in being informed decision-makers. How do we do it? We provide top-notch Enterprise IT Services and Cloud Solutions for our clients.

Our Vision

Deliver and Simplify IT Services

Our Mission

To eliminate the complexity of IT by leveraging new technologies and our unique expertise; to provide integral value and support for your organization, and to assure our client’s success by delivering high quality IT Managed Services and Cloud Solutions

Our Values

We believe in Integrity and Ethics. As leaders in IT Services, Plexeon values:

  • Our Position of Trust
  • Our People
  • Focus on our Mission
  • Work Quality
  • Taking Responsibility

How We Work

Plexeon has unique expertise in supporting, monitoring, and operating critical IT systems and network infrastructures for our clients who are professionals from Healthcare, Government, Business, and Academia. We help you become hyper-efficient by assessing your IT environment and related business processes, and because we understand the importance of providing and operating critical IT services.

Technology can be thought of on a continuum that starts with a foundation. Your foundation begins with the support of Plexeon’s dedicated IT experts. As your foundation, we design and architect a robust and resilient Infrastructure and perform ongoing maintenance. After laying the foundation, our focus shifts to:

  • Increasing efficiency
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Helping you deliver quality products and services

Who We Support

Professionals from Healthcare, Government, Business, and Academia rely on technology to help them thrive and grow. Plexeon will work with your organization to develop the optimal solutions that ensure the right technology is in place to allow you to grow without compromise.

Don’t just take our word for it — we know that the proof is in the pudding, so we would like to let our clients speak for themselves.

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Plexeon Datasheet Security

Plexeon Data Security Compliance

Plexeon Data Security and Reliability

Plexeon complete Data Protection

Plexeon NEtwork Assessment

Plexeon Credential Security

Plexeon Stealth Audit

Plexeon Data Security Assessment

Plexeon Data Security Assessment - Sample

Plexeon VMWare Hyper Converged

Plexeon VMWare IT Modernization

Plexeon VMWare IT Refresh

Plexeon VMWare IT Modernization

Plexeon VMWare IT Refresh

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