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Network Installation and Deployment

Your computer network enables business and is the key to managing all digital information and communications. Designed and integrated well, a network will improve your organizations's productivity and day-to-day processes while also decreasing costs of operations. But networks require proper maintenance. Without the proper care, they become unreliable, slow and potential security risks.  Read more

Offsite and Onsite Support

Oftentimes you need questions like, “How do I print?” or “How do I set up Outlook?” answered right now. Our help desk can not only answer these questions, but can tackle other issues such as adding users, resetting passwords and setting file permissions. Our design lets you get the help you need when you need it so you can get back to running your business.

In the event that our engineers can’t handle your problems remotely, we’ll come to you. We’re capable of delivering support services such as: installation and configuration of software and hardware, cabling, third party vendor management, server management, PDA and Blackberry support, phone systems, copy machines, printers, video conferencing equipment and other peripheral devices.

Network and Systems Administration

Plexeon engineers perform full administration services for your network, e-mail, offsite backup, terminal servers, printers, wireless devices, servers, and remote access.

IT Asset Management

How much of what you spend delivers a return? How much software licensing, high speed new hardware, and most of all bandwidth do you really need? What do you own? Where is it? Who has it? Why did you buy it? Let us tell you the answers and keep track of it. Your gold is worthless if you don’t know you have it.

Security and Anit-Virus

Plexeon engineers design and implement a security solution for your company. We then monitor your organization’s firewall(s) and server(s) continually to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities and ensure that unwanted intruders cannot gain access to sensitive information.

We make sure your anti-virus software is properly installed and correctly configured to give you the maximum protection. Up to date signature files give the best protection against many viruses that are constantly evolving. And in the event of infection, we take immediate steps to clean your system and get it back up to maximum efficiency.

Wireless Security

We’ll implement WEP or WPA encryption and/or MAC address filtering to your wireless network, which will elevate your level of security. Our techniques ensure that no one can steal your wireless connection and transfer viruses, or other damaging programs, to your network.

Monthly Wellness Reports

We monitor your network on a daily basis and review the overall health of your network on a monthly basis. This review recalls a history of incidents, results and total up-time, which allow us to provide you with proactive maintenance rather than waiting for something to break down. In addition, an engineer will meet with you once a month to do a physical inspection of your IT systems, review your monthly report and give you recommendations on how to improve your system’s performance.

Migration Services

Is your office moving or expanding? Telecommuters having trouble gaining access to business-critical resources on your network? We help you with all of your IT design and logistics issues before, during and after your move or helping remote users gain secure access to your business.

Network Management

One of the key reasons for IT problems is that routine maintenance of IT infrastructure does not happen proactively and regularly. The only time IT infrastructure is attended to is when a severe problem has happened leading to huge support costs, even more expensive productivity losses and even possible loss of critical business data.

Using the Internet or a private network, we deliver managed services for all network devices, including firewalls, routers, switches, wireless devices, printers and other network components. Our network specialists perform installations and configurations as well as ongoing maintenance of network devices. Additionally, the network infrastructure team handles day-to-day network operations, develops network design strategies, and operates the Network Operations Center (NOC).

Managed Servers

All you need to do is keep focusing your developers and resources on your applications, websites and development. Your infrastructure, network and your hosted environment are taken care of by our people, products, services and processes. This is not colocation where you're responsible for the low-value, day-to-day tasks of maintaining your environment. This is managed hosting, so you'll never have to implement, update, troubleshoot, patch, monitor, administer, backup data, upgrade or worry again.

Product Procurement

You’re too busy running the show to worry about researching and purchasing new software, licenses and equipment. Let us do the legwork for you. We have relationships with most major hardware and software vendors, as well as national resellers, which gives us the power to purchase items at lower prices.

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