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Network Management

One of the key reasons for IT problems is that routine maintenance of IT infrastructure does not happen proactively and regularly. The only time IT infrastructure is attended to is when a severe problem has happened leading to huge support costs, even more expensive productivity losses and even possible loss of critical business data.

Managed Services (MS) from Plexeon is a proactive IT monitoring and management service designed to mitigate a large number of issues that create the "IT Hassle Factor". Delivered from our 24x7 network operations center, the service emphasizes proactive monitoring, regular preventive maintenance and fast response remote support.

Manged Services from Plexeon is available at a fixed monthly cost, taking care of activities such as network monitoring, server management, deploying patches, monitoring backups and other important routine activities that ensure high availability of computer systems. In short, MS is a proactive approach to managing your IT infrastructure which translates into lower costs, higher uptime and less headaches.

By using the Internet or a private network, we can deliver many Plexeon services outside our primary data center. These services leverage not only the investments we've made in software, hardware and processes, but also the investments you've made in your own infrastructure. Linked together by a network connection, our combined assets can create powerful synergies and allow for the deployment of advanced service capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Plexeon provides managed services for all network devices, including load-balancing systems, SSL traffic accelerators, firewalls, routers, and switches. Our network specialists perform initial installation and configuration as well as ongoing maintenance of network devices. Additionally, the network infrastructure team, comprised of certified networking professionals, handles day-to-day network operations, develops network design strategies, and operates the Network Operations Center (NOC).

Network Engineering
A completely engineered solution for new and re-engineered LAN/WAN environments. This service includes workflows, routing, security, firewalls, hardware, software and data center design and management.

Network Workflows
The Network Development group designs the workflow and back-office: DNS, IP addressing, authentication, application servers, and other back-office data center equipment. How does your data move across a WAN? It can be very complicated and confusing. Plexeon learns your desired or existing workflow and creates engineered solutions.

Technology Review
Most companies need a "Technology Review" to find cost and peformance improvements with their networks and to streamline their workflow to make employees function optimally. Plexeon documents your entire infrastructure and engineers a solution that is optimal and cost effective.

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