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Our Promise speaks to the core values of our company and our commitment to deliver a reliable and feature rich email experience for your business. We know your business depends on our service. Therefore, we take this promise very seriously. Since we don't make our customers sign long-term contracts, we know we have to work hard to keep your business. If we don't keep our promise, you can leave at any time. In fact, we will even work with you to make your transition as smooth as possible.

We Promise: Worry-Free Transitions

Getting started with a new email hosting provider can seem intimidating for your business. That's why we've set up a dedicated Transition Team whose sole purpose is to take the headache out of migrating your email and getting your users up and running. We'll be with you every step of the way.

We Promise: 100% Uptime and Performance

Email availability and delivery is the ultimate test of our performance. We understand that when email is down, your business is down. This is why we hold ourselves to a 100% uptime standard. While problems may occasionally occur, we will never be satisfied with even one minute of downtime. If at any time you are not satisfied with our uptime or reliability, we will honor our service level agreement and allow you to take your business elsewhere. Since you're not under a long-term contract we know we have to perform to keep your business.

We Promise: To Respect Your Privacy

Privacy is one of the most important issues facing businesses today. You need to know without question that you're entrusting your business and your data to someone that takes your privacy as seriously as you do. Rest assured, we do. With Plexeon, you can be sure that your company's information and your privacy will always be respected. We do not, nor will we ever, make money on advertising or the sale of any customer information.

We Promise: Email Specialists Available 24x7x365

Our customer care team is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Every member of our team is an email specialist, highly trained and located in our US-based offices. We don't hide behind support forums or outsourced call centers. You can call us, chat with us live, or open up a support ticket. We'll work to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

We Promise: A Commitment to Innovation

Email services must always get better. By joining us, you can expect to have major enhancements to the mail platform on a regular basis. New features, increased options, great flexibility, an extended platform—these are all part of our vision. We promise to release at least one enhancement each calendar quarter.

We Promise: Transparency in All We Do

While we strive for perfection, we're not perfect. We promise to keep you informed when things go wrong. We'll use blogs, email, text messaging, and any other forms of communication that we think are most pertinent to keep you up to date on all relevant information about the services that we are providing to you.


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Plexeon is the leading provider of Managed IT Solutions and Services. We take the time and trouble out of IT support, providing you with the technology expertise you need, when you need it, to minimize downtime and eliminate costly disruptions to your business operations.