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IT Integration

At Plexeon, your success is our vision. We bring a unique approach to all our projects to make certain that total success is achieved. Part of this uniqueness is our thorough and extensive deployment process. We do not leave your company up in the air with regards to the successful operations of your infrastructure. We believe in offering solutions that perform long after the installation process is complete.

We configure both the component hardware and applications on your infrastructure. Then we verify that everything is in working order - routine operations are checked and fully tested from start-up to back-up. We test the maximum design loads, stress-test performance and stability of each of these components. We must be completely convinced that your objectives have been met fully and that performance levels are optimum before we consider deployment complete.

Network Design

Our network team builds and maintains the most secure, effective, and reliable networks. And we do so within your budget constraints. We’re ready to assist you with:

  • Network Architecture Design
  • Back-end Systems Integration
  • IT infrastructure / IT governance
  • LAN, WAN and VPNs
  • Back-end Systems Integration
  • Microsoft Active directory design and migration
  • Performance and load testing
  • Network Security audits

Vendor Management

The typical business has hundreds of vendors and partners to deal with. With network vendors coming and going like the wind, investment of your time is lost when technology and companies move on. Let us do it for you. We represent hundreds of clients and deal with their vendors daily. Why spend hours trying to get answers on the phones, hunt product and pricing deals, when you can focus on your core business. Plexeon knows the markets. We live in them every day.



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Plexeon is the leading provider of Managed IT Solutions and Services. We take the time and trouble out of IT support, providing you with the technology expertise you need, when you need it, to minimize downtime and eliminate costly disruptions to your business operations.